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An extraordinary experience awaits you in our Spa Breaffy. From being meted & greeted by our friendly team to being brought to our relaxation suite while you wait to discover pure relaxation with one of our award-winning treatments. 

We have an array of Spa Treatments available in the Spa Breaffy to view click here (link to the brochure) 


Signature Treatments

Our Signature Treatments are located on our ground floor of Breaffy Spa, and they consist of:

The Rasul Mud Chamber

Experience a traditional eastern cleansing mud, beginning with self-application of mud to the whole body, sit back and relax while herbal steam soothes away your stresses, continue with a warm rain shower to finish. Sits up to 4 people. 


Hydrotherapy Bath

Our Massor bathtub is equipped with 252 powerful jets. Enjoy the benefits of a massage & the unforgettable experience of chromo therapy, bringing harmony & balance. A colour hydrotherapy session is the powerful combination of the two excellent healing therapies (water/light colour therapy) once the water is bubbling, the pressure exerted by the water jets massage your body through the skin to the nerves & deeper into the body where the colour therapy works its magic to restore & rejuvenate the body. This is an excellent pre-treatment to your massage; we can also add our Elemis oils specially designed for any aliment or enjoy just on its own.


Dry Floatation Therapy Bed

Relax in our fantastic Dry Floatation bed treatment, you are supported on a bed of water as your anxieties slip away it is a deeply relaxing body treatment that allows you to experience total weightlessness, free of gravity, you can achieve deep, deep relaxation, relieving stress, aches and pain. This is a perfect treatment to combine with our Elemis Body wraps.

Guests can indulge in a wide range of Elemis treatments available for both men and women in our private upstairs rooms away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Pre-Booking treatments is strongly advised.

For more information phone +353 (94) 9044160 or email 


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