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Green Team

Green Team

In Summer 2022, Breaffy House Resort embarked on our 50 Shades Greener journey. The resort has chosen to take the steps to join this initiative to help improve our impact on the environment and sustainability in addition to reducing our carbon footprint. We have appointed Radostin Yankov as our Green Manager for Breaffy House Resort to measure, manage and monitor our Green journey.

Fifty Shades Greener delivers a programme to help business improve their environmental impact. Training is the foundation of all cultural change, and we believe that our organisation needs bigger and faster cultural change, now more than ever. The Green transition means we need upskilling, reskilling, training and culture changing curriculum within the resort. 

Climate-related opportunities will determine who will be the winners and losers in the economy of the next 25 years. Companies which get ahead on carbon emissions management and have a progressive culture will come to dominate the opportunities and avoid the risks. 

Our Green programme is empowering staff in our organisation to reduce their environmental impact by becoming resource efficient, through a unique suite of training programmes. These programmes are tried and tested in many countries and are proven to deliver lasting results.

To achieve our "green" targets, we have strong team put together. We use managers, supervisors, but also young staff, as younger generation are more conscious of sustainability. We held a large staff meeting, and we explained what our green plans are! The main three components within the Green Imitative are Water, Waste and Energy. These are the areas that we need to monitor, manage and improve over the course of our journey.

From each of the Hotel departments – Kitchen, Food& Beverage, Front of House, Housekeeping& Maintenance, we nominated staff to be in charge for Water, Waste and Energy

Energy team – looking after lighting, equipment consumption, and heating system

Waste Team- looking after proper recycling, reducing landfill waste. Bins are properly labelled and different departments team members are trained to use them.

Water team – monitoring water meters readings, water flow rates, put plan in place for each department to reduce water flow rates.

We will be posting updates as we continue to improve and learn on our journey to becoming 50 Shades Greener!