Signature Treatments

Our Signature Treatments are located on the ground floor of Breaffy Spa and they consist of:
The Rasul Mud Chamber

Experience a traditional eastern cleansing mud, beginning with self-application of mud to the whole body, sit back and relax while herbal steam soothes away your stresses, continue with a warm rain shower to finish. Sits up to 4 people. 4 persons €100, three people €85, two people €60, one person €30
Hydrotherapy Bath

Our Massor bath tub is equipped with 252 powerful jets. Enjoy the benefits of a massage & the unforgettable experience of chromo therapy, bringing harmony & balance. A colour hydrotherapy session is the powerful combination of the two excellent healing therapies (water/light colour therapy) once the water is bubbling, the pressure exerted by the water jets massage your body through the skin to the nerves & deeper into the body where the colour therapy works its magic to restore & rejuvenate the body. This is an excellent pre-treatment to your massage, we can also add our Elemis oils specially designed for any aliment or enjoy just on its own.
20 minutes, €25
Dry Floatation Therapy Bed

Relax in our fantastic Dry Floatation bed treatment, you are supported on a bed of water as your anxieties slip away it is a deeply-relaxing body treatment that allows you to experience total weightlessness, free of gravity, you can achieve deep, deep relaxation, relieving stress, aches and pain. This is a perfect treatment to combine with our Elemis Body wraps.
30 minutes, €30

Guests can indulge in a wide range of Elemis treatments available for both men and women in our private upstairs rooms away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Pre-Booking treatments is strongly advised.

For more information phone +353 (94) 9044160 or email

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