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Looped Walks

Destination Breaffy Looped Walks - 2K/3K/5K

Destination Breaffy - Because Freedom Begins with 101 Acres of Wide-Open Space!

Destination Breaffy comprises 101 Acres of Wide-Open Space including a stunning array of Forest Trails & Woodland Walkways. With the recent ongoing investment in the Resort, we are delighted to launch our NEW range of Looped Walks including a 2K/3K/5K trail which takes the guest on a wonderful journey of discovery into the history of the estate and the Browne Family while enjoying the abundant richness of nature that is central to this beautiful and stunning Resort. The is Pure Escapism at its finest so enjoy it!

There are 3 Looped Walks to choose from

1) 2K Red Trail

2) 3K Blue Trail

3) 5K Yellow Trail

Click here to download the map outlining the details of the route for each of the Looped Walks together with a beautifully crafted story of ALL the wonderful Points of Interest along the way. Follow the route on your phone and learn about each of the points of interest ALL  of which are beautifully illustrated using a hint of 'The Yellow Brick Road theme from The Wizard of Oz'. 

In particular observe & enjoy

1) The beautiful views of the 2nd Red Bridge

2) The remnants of the Walled Garden from the late 19th Century

3) Taking a stroll down the Tree Lined Avenue - the orginal driveway of the Big House

4) Exploring the Sunken Swamp! What can you see?

5) The panoramic views of the Victorian Facade as you cross Breaffy Bridge

6) The views of the Celtic Cross as you approach Breaffy Cemetery

7) Watch out for the unique wooden structure the Giant Stilts

8) Let your imagination run FREE as you view the old Dominick Browne Railway

9) Explore the Demesne and Scouts Tree Fort (climbing is ill advised!)

10) Walk the Browne's Shooting Hollow - can you hear the shrills? 

11) NEW Scandinavian BBQ Hut - Interested in hosting your own BBQ? then enquire at the Hotel Reception desk

12) Hugging Tree - so called because of the way its trunk intertwines

13) Destination Breaffy Beehives - Don't get too close! but observe their buzzing sound and sample the honey as part of your Breakfast treats

'Enjoy the Buzzing of the Bees Amidst the Rustling of the Trees where Happiness Begins with 101 Acres of Wide-Open Spaces"


Things to do