Environmental & Sustainable Green Options

Breaffy House Resort takes pride in a number of Environmentally Friendly Initiatives to help promote a cleaner and greener environment.

1) Member of 'Clean the World' campaign, a hosptiality specific programme where we give discarded soap bars and plastic bottles a second life

2) Preservation of 7 acres of uncut grassland to promote the growth of wild flowers and biodiversity on our site

3) Installation of 11 bee hives in association with the beekeepers soceity of Mayo who are supporting us in creating an environment that will help bees and in turn other fauna to thrive

4) Placement of 11 duck houses fitted on our pond island to try and introduce wild ducks to occupy the pond

5) Partnership with Connemara based Company (Co. Galway), Ri Na Mara Toiletries to promote natural and sustainable in room cosmectics and toiletries. Ri Na Mara Irish Seaweed Cosmetics harness the power of the sea and the natural environment. They are carefully selected using natural botanical extracts. Ri Na Mara cosmetics contain no harsh chemicals, parbens, GMOs or animal derivatives

6) Installation of LED lighting and PIR control systems to limit the electricity usage 

7) Use of in-house recycling cetnres where all our waste is separated and recycled. Staff and departments are incentivised to encourage recycling amongst the various departments. Breaffy House Resrot waste management is compartmentalized into general waste, recycling, glass recycling and compostable food waste

8) Portion control and Portion size - in tandem with our food waste management policy we ensure to plate food based on reasonable sized portions so as to reduce the quantity of surplus waste

9) Onsite polytunnel where herbs, vegetables and flowers are grown for the kitchens

10) Installataion of a well water system which produces our own water which is tried and tested by HSE and an independet water testing company 

11) Upgrade to our heating system from fossil fuel dependent over to an electrical heat pump-based system reducing the carbon footprint of the property

12) We mulch our own grass thereby eliminating the need for fertilizers and chemcials in the grass land areas

13) A move away from chemicals in weed control to more sustainable and environmentally controlled practices


In addition, we have a number of Environmentally Friendly Specific Initiatives for Guests

1) Towels - Towels on the floor means please replace them, towels on the rail means you wish to use them agan

2) Lighting - Your room is equipped with LED lighting but you can help by switching off the Master Switch when you leave the room

3) Recycling - We aim to recycle as much as possible. Please hlep us by placing rubbish in the appropriate bins

4) Water - Please help us to conserve water. Refrain from leaving taps and showers on unneccessarily. Tap water is available to all   guests

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