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Every Tuesday, Breaffy House Resort hosts “Tune In Tuesday” with our resident yoga instructor Ann Rushton. Click here for more information – poster for this event 

Every Wednesday, our resident Health and Wellness Coach Joanne Coates Moran hosts Wellness Wednesdays. Click here for more information – poster for this event

Did you know that meditation/mindfulness walks/ forest bathing all have similar benefits

Benefits of Meditation

  • Boosts health
  • Boosts happiness

  • Increases social connection & emotional intelligence

  • Boosts your self-control, helping you regulate your emotions

  • Improves your productivity by increasing your focus and attention

  • Improves your memory

  • Improves your ability to be creative and to think outside the box

  • Makes you wiser by giving you perspective

  • It keeps you real – once you know your own mind you become more authentic & compassionate towards self & others


Benefits of Forest Bathing/Mindfulness Walks in Nature (active form of Mediation)

  • Physical health benefits include – reduced stress, lower blood pressure, breathing becomes more relaxed.
  • Changes in your brain & cognition – improves your memory & attention, improves short term memory
  • Helps you to focus on what is happening in the present moment and to connect with your senses
  • Boosts your attention to detail
  • Boosts your immune system – Helps restore your cells by breathing in more oxygen and releasing your troubles away
  • The fresh air helps build a stronger response to viruses, colds, & flu’s 

Mindfulness is a form of active meditation that is easy to follow, by focusing on the sights, sounds, smells & touch you cannot but be inspired by the beauty of the world around you

Fosters Gratitude – While walking through nature and absorbing its surroundings through the senses you begin to appreciate everything around you. Gaining a greater perspective and understanding of the important things in life.

Forest Bathing – Shinrin – Yoku

Shinrin meaning Forest & Yoku meaning bath is the Japanese translation for bathing in the forest atmosphere.

Forest bathing is the bridge connecting us to the natural world. Allowing us to slow down, leave technology behind & releasing your sense of joy & calm. Forest bathing is for any level of fitness and can be done anywhere there are a large gathering of trees in all types of weather (don’t forget to bring your rain gear). Even a small amount of time in nature can have a positive effect on your health & wellbeing

Meet Joanne our resident Health & Wellness Coach, specialising in Mental Fitness Training

Having spent over 23 years in Hospitality management Joanne had the opportunity to identify the needs and wants of customers and colleagues and how they grow and develop over a lifetime. 

It was through these learnings, life experiences and personal growth that Joanne’s focus shifted to the importance of health & wellbeing creating Health Flow.

Health Flow was founded from a passion to support working professionals motivated to improve their work/life performance while maintaining an overall healthier approach to life. 

Health Flow focuses on a healthy mind, healthy body philosophy incorporating mental fitness training into everyday life to ensure your goals are met. Joanne coaches in areas such as stress management, nutrition, mental fitness, improved sleep & improved work/life performance.

Joanne is available each Wednesday at Breaffy Spa from 2 – 5.30p.m. for complimentary 1:1 discovery call (30 minutes per client)

To book in visit Joanne’s Calendly link

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