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Breaffy House Resort Covid-19 Policy


Making Breaffy Safe


Making Breaffy Safe is our New Health & Safety programme at Breaffy House Resort to ensure we all work together with our guests, colleagues and suppliers to make the resort as safe as possible in these challenging times.  Soon we will be ready to open and look forward to greeting you with a warm smile and providing a genuine Irish Welcome in a safe and spacious location.


Our Making Breaffy Safe programme includes detailed Health & Safety Policies and Procedures which have been implemented in line with HSE, Government, and Irish Hotel Federation guidelines, and will be completed in advance of our reopening from our first lockdown on 29th June 2020.


These detailed Policies and procedures focus on health and hygiene in all areas of the resort and in all our dining outlets. Every conceivable effort is being made to ensure your time with us is not only enjoyable and relaxing but also safe thereby ensuring you have a piece of mind throughout your stay.


Most policies and procedures will be clearly evident throughout the resort, while others will be incorporated discreetly into our service. These policies and procedures will be rigorously adhered to and continually developed as the situation changes. At all times the wellbeing of our guests and colleagues will be our highest priority, so that you can relax and unwind with peace of mind at the wonderful 101 acre estate which is Breaffy House Resort.


Please note guidelines and measurements are subject to change without advance notice


Checking-in & out


  1. Visible markings will guide you safely in the hotel lobby, where our colleagues will observe social distancing, upon check in and check out. Hand sanitizing agent will be clearly visible and available for your use. On arrival you will be asked to complete a Guest Questionnaire.

  2. Prepaid payment options and e-mail receipts will be encouraged. Where this is not possible, payment terminals will be disinfected before and after each transaction.

  3. Key Cards will be disinfected with medical-grade disinfectant agent after each stay.

  4. Single use disposable gloves and masks are available upon request at reception for a small fee.

  5. Sealed sanitising hand wipes and face masks (small fee) will be available at Reception for all guest who wish to avail of them.


Around the Resort


  1. Cleaning and sanitising of all surfaces and high traffic areas is being carried out throughout the Resort on a regular basis.

  2. Seating areas have been rearranged or removed in lobbies and communal areas in such a way to allow you to move about freely while observing social distancing guidelines.

  3. Hand sanitiser stations are available throughout the Hotel at every necessary location including restrooms, dining areas and all entrances and exits.

  4. Signage is clearly displayed throughout our public areas to remind our guests to observe social distancing and abide by frequent handwashing.

  5. Doorways where possible will be left open to reduce contact, any door that must remain closed for health and safety compliance will have a sanitising station located close by. Elevator usage will be restricted to ensure priority access for those in need.


Guest Bedrooms


  1. To ensure the highest standards of cleanliness in our rooms, we have implemented a two-phase cleaning regime. With new equipment and cleaning practices, all our bedrooms and bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned before a ‘Fogger Machine’ is used to sanitise and disinfect on a microbial level.

  2. All additional furnishings and non-essential items have been removed from our bedrooms so we can deliver on our promise of the highest levels of cleanliness.

  3. Linen will be handled with extreme care to prevent raising dust and potential contamination; Used linen will be washed at a minimum of 70°C for at least 25 mins to kill potential bacteria.

  4. Guest directories will be replaced with information screens on the bedroom TV’s.

  5. In the room, Tea/coffee facilities are available and will be replenished upon request.




Healy Mac’s Irish Bar & Restaurant

 You will be able to order your food and beverage directly on your phone on our new Food and Beverage website.

  1. All dining services will now include the option of in room and takeaway, in addition to table service in our restaurant, bar and alfresco dining.

  2. Buffet services will be replaced by table service. Our dedicated service team will cater to your individual needs while observing social distance where ever possible.

  3. Traditional menus will be replaced by menu boards, screens or digital versions to minimise contact.

  4. Table layout and configuration will be in line with recommended social distancing guidelines.

  5. All tableware including all used and unused wares, condiments and linens will be removed and disinfected before each guest is seated. Tables and chair arms will also be disinfected after each seating.




  1. As a testament to our Health and Safety commitment and to reinforce the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness all our team will fully participate in a comprehensive educational and training program on an ongoing basis.

  2. The official health guidelines around the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is under constant review. Breaffy House Resort will supply and ensure the strict use of PPE by all members of our team, from guest services to back-of-house if it is deemed necessary by the HSE and the Irish Government.

  3. A robust Personal Hygiene Program is in place with all our team requiring them to thoroughly wash hands in each department to ensure compliance with same.


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